Regional Interactive Guiding Hub & Training Society’

The Local Councils’ Association (LCA) takes its safeguarding very seriously. As an Association, we are committed to ensuring that every child enjoys the benefit of a protective and safe environment in which their rights and safety are respected. This is the reason why the Association has developed and integrated the highest requirements according to international standards and current best practices based on the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child; values, rights and framework. As we strive to do in ensuring the safety of children in our projects, it is equally important to promote awareness of children’s rights and child protection within the Association. Therefore, as an employee, consultant, mentor, volunteer, intern or representative of the Association, we have a responsibility to keep the children we meet safe from harm and to report and respond to any harm or abuse effectively when it occurs. This document aims to act as a guide to managing day-today activities with children giving particular attention to their safety all throughout. To work at the Local Councils’ Association is to commit to its values and principles to uphold, respect and ensure children’s rights from every individual in the foundation.

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