The  General  Data Protection  Regulation  (EU)  2016/679  (GDPR)  and  the  Data  Protection  Act (Cap 586) regulate the processing of personal data whether held electronically or in manual form.  The  Local  Councils’  Association  (LCA)  is  set  to  fully  comply  with  the  Data  Protection Principles as set out in such data protection legislation.

Purposes for collecting data

The  LCA  collects  and  processes  information  to  carry  out  its  obligations  in  accordance  with present  legislation.   All  data  is  collected  and  processed  in  accordance  with  Data  Protection Legislation.

Recipients of data

Personal Information is accessed by the employees who are assigned to carry out the functions of the LCA.  Personal Data will be disclosed to the President, the Executive Committee Members and the Executive Secretary.  Disclosure can also be made to third parties but only as authorized by law.

Your rights

You are entitled to know, free of charge, what type of information the LCA holds and processes about you and why, who has access to it, how it is held and kept up to date, for how long it is kept, and what the Unit is doing to comply with data protection legislation.

The GDPR establishes a formal procedure for dealing with data subject access requests.   All data subjects have the right to access any personal information kept about them by the LCA, either  on  computer  or  in  manual  files.  Requests  for  access  to  personal  information  by  data subjects  are  to  be  made  in  writing  and  sent  to  the  Executive  Secretary  of  the  LCA.    Your identification details such as ID  number, name and surname have to be submitted with the request  for  access.   In  case  we  encounter  identification  difficulties,  you  may  be  required  to present an identification document.

The LCA aims to comply as quickly as possible with requests for access to personal information and will ensure that it is provided within a reasonable timeframe and in any case not later than one month from receipt of request, unless there is good reason for delay. When a request for access cannot be met within a reasonable time, the reason will be explained in writing to the data subject making the request.  Should there be any data breaches, the data subject will be informed accordingly.

All data subjects have the right to request that their information is amended, erased or not used in the event the data results to be incorrect.

In case you are not satisfied with the outcome of your access request, you may refer a complaint to  the  Information  and  Data  Protection  Commissioner,  whose  contact  details  are  provided below.

Retention Policy is drawn up in a seperate Retention of Documents Policy.

Your personal data is collected through Data Protection Act.

Data that needs to be destroyed after the noted timeframes will be disposed of in an efficient manner ensuring that such information is no longer available within the LCA.

Executive Secretary

The LCA Executive Secretary (Data Controller) may be contacted at:

Local Councils’ Association Local Government Building, Local Government Road, Marsa, Malta

Telephone:  +35625968000

Email: /

The Information and Data Protection Commissioner

The Information and Data Protection Commissioner may be contacted at: Level 2, Airways House,

High Street, Sliema  SLM 1549

Telephone:  23287100


LCA Documents Retention Policy

This Policy is aimed at regulating the retention, maintenance and disposal of documentation, both personal and other, within the LCA, as provided for in the Data Protection Act, and in accordance with the principles of data protection legislation, and other legal provisions in Maltese Law.

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