The process is very simple. In order to benefit from the free collections, catering establishments need only do the following:

1. They have to separate their organic waste and place the separated waste into clear/white bags or into an properly-labelled bin, and

2. Leave their organic waste on their kerbside for collection at 01:00am on Saturdays and Sundays. It is important that, when separating the waste, contamination is avoided. Nothing else needs to be done – the organic waste will then be collected from the kerbside at no charge.


The free organic waste collection service will operate on every Saturday and every Sunday morning between 01:00am and 05:00am, starting from May 7th 2022. Waste is to be placed outside at 01:00am.

Yes. The free organic waste collection initiative is being provided throughout all of Malta and Gozo’s Tourist Areas, as defined by Legal Notice 295 of 2007, issued by the Malta Tourism Authority. Catering establishments outside these zones are to register their interest on decc.mecp@gov.mt.

Hotels can participate in the free collections initiative. We kindly ask any hotels that want to take part to register their interest by sending an email on decc.mecp@gov.mt.


A helpful guide on what can or cannot be disposed of in the organic waste bag can be found here: https://environment.gov.mt/en/decc/Pages/environment/cateringEstablishments.aspx. It is important to avoid any contamination when separating your organic waste. Free training will also be offered to help catering establishments better separate their waste – any establishment interested in attending such training should email decc.mecp@gov.mt to register.

While households have in the past years started separating the organic waste, this trend has not been mirrored in the catering sector. This initiative is being provided free of charged to catering establishments to encourage them to start separating their waste.

The free service is intended as an incentive to kick-start the organic waste separation process in catering establishments. Saturday and Sunday collections cater for the busiest days of the week. By end 2022, the separation of waste at source will become mandatory for households and commercial establishments, as outlined in the long-term Waste Management Plan 2021-2030.


Any catering establishments that wish to start separating their organic waste on days other than Saturdays and Sundays can do so, provided they have an agreement with a private operator in place. However, separation of organic waste is not yet mandatory and therefore from Monday to Friday, the current operations can be retained.


All catering establishments, defined as “restaurants, snack-bars, bars, nightclubs/discotheques and kiosks” duly licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority (S.L. 409.15), and for hotels and licensed tourism accommodation facilities (S.L. 409.04) are obliged by a specific permit condition to engage a third-party waste collector to collect their waste. On its website, ERA has a list of permitted waste carriers, which can be downloaded from this link: https://era.org.mt/topic/permitted-waste-carriersincluding-barges/. The waste carriers should be permitted with a Class A3 for restaurant and canteen waste. Catering establishments need to contact and make an agreement with a permitted waste carrier. However, this particular project covers the collection of separate organic waste on Saturday and Sunday mornings for free, and, as aforementioned, to participate, catering establishments need only take out their waste during the timeframe as indicated.

The targeted collections time is aligned with the closure of catering establishments at 01:00am, in order to avoid an inconvenience to residents. The organic waste collections are covered in a shorter time span than the usual mixed waste collections, due to the high-density material therein. In terms of collections in Valletta, the RCVs which will be used in the capital city are smaller-sized vehicles appropriate for the narrow roads within city centres. These vehicles are also low-emission vehicles (Euro 6).