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From a young age, I distinctly remember a keen interest in drawing but unfortunately I was never encouraged to take the subject seriously. Then, one day in 2008, after experimenting with different mediums along the years, I decided to go for something totally different. I did my first mosaic using the indirect method and from the moment I turned up my work and saw the result, I knew this was to be my artistic medium! Since that day I tried using different techniques and materials to create my artwork. Being inspired by the similarity between water and glass in respect of transparency and reflection, I created a range of wave pictures using strips of glass bottles placed side by side. This has resulted in unique mosaic works which I eagerly shared with the public in my first exhibition. The positive response from the visitors led me to put a price tag to my mosaic works and eventually I decided to start a small business.

It is not easy to start a business in the artistic sector, so the financial support through the Philoxenia Project has meant a lot to me since personally I did not have the necessary funds to invest in advertising, furniture and machinery.

My initial and continuous aim is the promotion of mosaic. For this reason I started attending craft fairs and other activities showing my artifacts, demonstrating the basic mosaic technique and offering hands-on experience. Therefore, I ordered a couple of tables and folding panels to hang my works on. I also prepared promotion flyers which included the comments made by an art critic regarding one of my glass waves. These were first distributed during the Malta Trade Fair. I also included this advert in applications for mosaic murals. To date I succeeded in securing work on two murals. The first is a partnership project with the Bishop’s Conservatory School where we successfully secured funds under the KREATTIV initiative. Now I am working on a 4.8metre mural with Form 4 art students and their teacher. The other mosaic covers a 13metre wall in Mgarr and is one of the ten projects commissioned by the government following the ‘Public Art in Gozo’ competition. This work is made out of ceramic and glass tiles. It is here that the C40 band saw is grinding its diamond teeth to cut the tiles, thanks to the Philoxenia funds! The grinder is also handy in finishing rough pieces, while the small kiln is awaiting its second firing when I plan to bake small clay slabs with my signature engraved. These I will incorporate in both murals.

In the meantime, the folding panels are at my workshop in Ghajnsielem permanently displaying a set of 8 canvas prints showing my mosaic works. The canvas prints are being very handy when attending fairs because they are easy to carry. Since the prints are larger than the actual mosaics they are also eye catching to people passing by.

With the support of Philoxenia Project I have had my website upgraded by an expert web designer who also made use of professionally taken photos. When I look back I feel satisfied for what I have achieved. When I look forward I know there is more to be done. At present I am working hard at what I really enjoy doing - mosaic!

Please visit my online gallery on: Contact details

E-mail: info@gozomosaic.com
Telephone: (356) 7993 2263
Address: 37 Ta’Hida Street
NDR 1669