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Menqa L’Antika Restaurant, Marsalforn

As the chef/owner of a restaurant, I am proud to say that Menqa L’Antika Restaurant has been open since June 2011 in Marsalforn Bay, Gozo. My aim was to promote the island’s native dishes while making the customers satisfied and foreign customers enjoying their stay while appreciating our food culture, some of which have been forgotten.

I walked into this place six months before opening the restaurant. In those six months I burnt the candle at both ends and managed to put enough effort to recreate a stunning restaurant from scratch; be it tiling, walls, kitchen equipment, tables, chairs, restaurant equipments, menus and any other thing that can come to mind.

Building up a restaurant is not financially easy, but I am pleased to have applied for the Philoxenia project so the restaurant has a high-tech computerised restaurant system (POS), which is crucial in the hectic hours. A point of sale (POS) is the equivalent to a ‘glorified’ electronic cash register. The POS boosted my business into a new level of control over my operations by increasing efficiency, boosting profits and helping me perfect my business model. The POS we have at the restaurant includes a touch-screen computer, two receipt printers and a cash register. This POS system have saved me a great amount of money, increased my profits and I have more control over my business. With the POS system, the restaurant has cut down on internal shrinkage due to theft, waste or misuse. With the POS system I can easily collect names and address of regular customers that I use to target my advertising mostly via emails. One of the biggest headaches of every business is the paperwork, but thanks to the POS system, the paperwork has cut down to minimal. At the restaurant the order process has been greatly aerodynamic because the orders have been relayed automatically to the kitchen and in both ways the customers get faster and we have a more accurate service. In addition, a website was created which is vital in today’s living. Marketing my restaurant the right way is important to bringing in business. There is big competition nowadays and customers are watching out for fresh and interesting restaurants they can spend with. One way to start marketing my restaurant was by making a website. I think that a restaurant website is like a partial view for the customer, I can place pictures of the restaurant, events, menu for the day or even online bookings. If the customer likes what they see, I can expect them to be in your restaurant soon.

I am grateful to have applied for the Philoxenia project because the POS and the website, the two items I submitted to be granted for, have helped me a lot throughout the time the restaurant have been open. My restaurant, Menqa L'Antika stands out in a row of restaurants because of the attention to detail we give in our work. As the chef/owner, I assess all the raw produce for quality, while the restaurant has a warm, friendly feeling with the décor we created. Bringing the original immaculate taste of Gozo’s native kitchen and reviving the exceptional gastronomy of our earliest traditions is my dreams come true.

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Menqa L’Antika Restaurant,
Marsalforn, Gozo
Tel: 27300309
Mob: 79203623