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Project: REFAB – Recycling Textiles Makes Sense

REFAB is a Textiles Recycling Initiative presented by San Andrea School, Malta, a non-profit making Independent School run by the Parents Foundation For Education, supported by Electro Waste (Malta) Ltd.

Our Mission:

To promote awareness about the benefits of Recycling Textiles.

Facilitate efforts by Maltese Schools / Local Councils / NGO's / Individuals to organise Textile Recycling Initiatives either as collection on a regular basis or as a one-off event.

Our services are all to be offered for free.

We believe that the films produced for this campaign are of artistic value and could participate in several film festivals across the globe.

Our Story:

We believe in solutions!

That's why we teamed up with key people in Malta who are responsible for recycling processes. Electrowaste (Malta) Ltd supported us financially in the pre-production and production phase of the short films and the campaign. They also helped us to brand the concept of REFAB by financing the creative process provided by Defined Branding Ltd.

Towards the end of last scholastic year, Mr.Brian Cardona approached San Andrea School with the idea of recycling clothes. He suggested a pilot project in our school. The experiment was a huge success and after doing some research, Mr.Cardona proposed a National Campaign about the new recycling concept for Malta – Textiles Recycling. In previous years, the school together with Electrowaste Ltd had organised with great success, an Electronics Recycling Campaign. We got our parents and students to talk about this new initiative and received an overwhelmingly positive response. That was the point where we were convinced that we were on the right track and actually on the forefront, as an educational institution, to take action on a national level, to make this world as better place to live in.

Among various aspects the following were created as part of the campaign: a Youtube Channel, a Website, a Facebook Page and an Animation. A film crew was hired. Matthew Muscat Drago, a former San Andrean, directed and edited the film. David Micallef, the campaign coordinator doubled up as a Producer on these Short Films. We also collaborated with a crew from Northern Ireland whom we directed them on the specific shots that we required so as to include all the elements of the Textile Recycling Process, even if part of it is handled outside our shores.

We are aiming for the widest distribution possible to students and parents in State and non- State Schools at Primary and Secondary Level. We are seeking the collaboration and support of the Ministry of Education, Employment and the Family Education to distribute this information to all local schools. We received support from the Local Councils' Association to disseminate this information to all localities in Malta and Gozo. We are contacting Local Councils and reaching agreements with them on the logistics of the pickups of textiles from the localities. We also contacted the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations (MEEF) and the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector to start disseminating our information to local NGO’s as well.

We launched the project on the 21st November 2011 at St.James Cavalier – Centre for Creativity. The following dignitaries were present:

  1. School Board Members: Perit Edgar Caruana Montaldo and Mr.David Xuereb
  2. WASTERSERV - Chairperson - Perit Ben Farrugia
  3. Ministry of Education, Employment and the Family (MEEF) - Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations - Commisioner - Prof. Kenneth Wain
  4. PL - Spokesperson for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change - Mr Leo Brincat
  5. PL Spokesman for Education and Culture - Mr Evarist Bartolo
  6. AD - Spokesperson for Industry, Energy & Transport - Mr.Ralph Cassar
  7. Malta Film Commission - Commissioner - Mr.Peter Busuttil
  8. Malta International TV Short Film Festival - Festival Director & Producer - Mr.Tony Parnis
  9. Youth For The Environment (NGO) - President - Mr. Nathan Adams
  10. Sliema Local Council - Mr.Julian Galea