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Trackerbird Software Analytics is a fully hosted cloud service that gives software companies the ability to anonymously track installations and usage of their desktop software products. It empowers software providers with actionable and Business Intelligence that can help shape their business strategy. Rather than relying on gut feeling, product managers can use Trackerbird to learn real-world facts about demographics and customer behaviour. By understanding their audience, software providers are in a better position to increase license conversions and customer retention for their software products.

Building an affordable Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)

It is a well known fact that large enterprises (such as Microsoft, Google, Adobe) rely on CEIPs in order to gain knowledge into where, when and how their software is used around the world by different user groups. Unfortunately building and maintaining a CEIP framework is not luxury afforded by many SMBs. Apart from server and data storage costs one must build complex analytics & reporting engines that can handle billions of datapoints in realtime. Trackerbird has made this functionality available to everyone for a fraction of the cost, so smaller software companies can now benefit from the same tools used by larger enterprises without any upfront investment.

Trackerbird provides a goldmine of information about how different user groups interact with a software product, both during and after evaluation. This information helps software providers build more attractive products that resonate with their target audience.

Trackerbird makes this information actionable through it’s unique ReachOut™ Direct-to-Desktop marketing channel, allowing software vendors to push personalized messages to a target audience running their software programs.

Relation to web analytics

Although Web Analytics services such as Google Analytics have become a must-have tool for tracking website user activity and increasing downloads, these services cannot track user behaviour past the download stage. Therefore, software product managers often face question such as why they got 1000 tracked downloads, but only sold 50 licenses. What happened to the rest? Did they bother installing the software? Did they dump the application after the first runtime,or did they use it for the whole trial period? Which product features are typically used during evaluation? At which point in their evaluation lifecycle are users most sensitive to promotional offers (i.e. when do they decide to dump or buy)? How do usage patterns vary between those who buy a license and those who discard the software? Trackerbird answers all these questions and more.

How it works

To use the service, software developers simply register a free account on www.trackerbird.com and integrate the Trackerbird API. Basic integration takes less than 30 minutes, after which all new installations will be tracked by the Trackerbird servers. The service is provided FREE for startups or smaller companies, whilst a pay-per-use premium subscription is also available. Multiple privacy modes are supported for opt-out clients who choose not to participate in the CEIP.

Feature set:

Contact details:

Contact person: Keith Fenech
Phone: (+356) 99826791
Website: www.trackerbird.com
Email: info@trackerbird.com