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Tal-Massar winery is the smallest winery in the Maltese islands, however, it is striving to produce the best wine. To do this the enterprise has invested in a private estate covering 1.5 hectares of land in Gharb, Gozo.  There 4500 vines have been planted with three very unlikely grape varieties, two reds mainly Nero D’Avola (a.k.a Sirkusian), Sangiovese and one white Vermentino.

Apart from this the winery is investing gradually to make their vineyard a showcase for the visiting tourist. Here wine making sessions are conducted where visitors get a first hand view of the eco friendly viticulture used in the vineyard and afterwards a wine tasting session accompanied by some Gozitan delicacies. In this way, our islands are being advertised as a unique destination for high quality tourists. In fact the company is being advertised on the internet and is attracting people from around the globe as can be evidenced by the positive feedback received on websites such as www.tripadvisor.com. All this helps to expose the unique characteristics of the island especially those connected with the typical rural and culinary aspects. Such activities are compatible with the ecotourism concept which is becoming more popular with international urban city dwellers.

In the next few years the winery is projecting to open up a visitors attraction in the vineyard by converting an unused water reserve into an area where visitors can experience food stuffs and drink which are produced locally by small cottage industries. Provided the authorities consent, this will be a step forward for promoting sustainable agriculture in Gozo.

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