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KAP Services provides advertising, publishing, printing and marketing and consultancy services related to these. All of our services are bespoke to suit the needs of our clients and are competitively priced, since our clients are mostly micro-enterprises and SMEs.

Presently one of the most popular medium of publicity is outdoor advertising and we at KAP are putting a lot of energy into obtaining billboard sites in prominent areas which in turn we can rent out to our customers.

Lately we have been getting a lot of requests for these billboard sites, as many companies are recognizing the fact that outdoor advertising and billboard advertising in particular is a good value for money niche as compared to other media publicity.

Rent of billboard spaces has found its way into our proposals for clients’ promotion campaigns and it is picking up in popularity rather fast. We proudly state that our billboard sites are very strategically placed and through extremely conscious pricing we offer these at very agreeable rates which, makes them more attractive. Therefore at the moment this type of marketing is top of our list!

The fact that our office is based in the administration block of an industrial park which includes mostly start-up businesses makes it more convenient for the owners of these businesses to come to us for advice regarding their marketing campaigns. We have gained a certain amount of trust from these persons that they keep coming to us for their advertising needs. Through our assistance they started to realize that creating an awareness of their presence results in generating more projects for their respective companies.

Our striving to target larger clients has proved very successful as we have established contacts with bigger companies who are contacting us for proposals and advise on how to conduct their marketing campaigns.

Through these contacts we have also broadened our services to include event organising, such as conferences, seminars and workshops and, on a grander scale we have also organised festivals. The advertising campaign for these events is also trusting to KAP Services Limited

Contact details are as follows:

KAP Services Limited
Ta' Maggi Industrial Park
St. Leonard Street
Xghajra XJR 2306
L/O Zabbar - Malta
T. +356 2099 2233
M. +356 7945 1182.

BLS Entertainment’s mission is to deliver high level entertainment, performed by our professionally chosen artistes, that is embraced by the audiences; giving the client excellent productions that meet their needs and maximize potential. Ultimately, the professional artist will be given the deserved respect, producing high quality productions placing the local talent on a higher caliber.

BLS Entertainment focuses on the most basic task of any agent; that is to find work for the artists and performers they represent. As well as finding work by bringing the performers to the attention of directors, venue managers, private entities and entertainment bookers.

BLS Entertainment also acts as a supplier and managing producer to music activities, and provide a holistic service including setting up budgetary requirements, provide a marketing and advertising plan, select artists and performers, choose the right light, sound and props supplier, define venues, etc.

The company will provide a number of services within the performing arts and entertainment industry in the Maltese Islands. It will act as an agency to:

BLS Entertainment is on a mission to place the local artistes from the music industry on a higher level and give a holistic approach in organising musical events.

Our Contact Details:

BLS Entertainment Limited
Sigmund Mifsud
Managing Director
a 74, Saint Barbara Street, Rabat RBT 1663, Malta
m 00356 9969 7000
e info@blsentertainment.com