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The following is a specific description of the project funded by the Philoxenia Project. The project consisted in the purchase of a Doselite Pneumatic Volumetric Filler, an indispensible piece of equipment for my company specializing in Aroma Therapy and its component mixtures of aromatic oils.  The funding graciously provided, and for which I am truly grateful, was indispensible to the realization of this purchase.

Filling and dosing machines vacuum and volumentric fillers 

Doselite pneumatic volumetric filler:

This machine is specifically designed for dosing small volumes of liquid or thick products with a very high accuracy. Depending on the volumetric chamber and the piston dimensions, it is possible to dose different volumes of product.

All of the parts in contact with the product are easy to dismount and clean.
These fillers can be equipped with distribution valves for liquid, thick or semi dense products.

The fillers can be also fitted with various accessories:

Heating systems for the volumetric chamber, the valves and the hopper, for dosing products such as honey, jam, candle wax, jelly, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. which require to be heated and maintained at a certain temperature during the filling operation.

The hoppers can be fitted out with a mixer for products that require to be shaken and maintained at a homogeneous temperature.

The following indispensible optionals were also purchased: 

Distribution valves: Various kinds of valves for variations in product density and type for liquid, medium-thick and thick products, secondary no-drop valves, drip-catching systems. All valves are fitted with tri-clamp connections, making them fully disassemble and easily removable. 

Distribution nozzles and accessories: Nozzles and accessories selection are completely manufactured in stainless steel and are available in different models and sizes.