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Health & Safety

Philoxenia project was one of the support pillars I used to create OHS4SME. It is this varied experience that I have gained in my work in numerous sectors, which fuelled my interest to start my own business and to take a holistic view of the importance of health and safety in Malta and the workplace.

The idea behind OHS4SME is to acts as a hub for health and safety suppliers and service providers, giving customers the opportunity to enjoy a clustering of products and services in a single location. This makes OHS4SME a powerful resource for employers, health and safety officers and individuals who are looking for items as varied as personal protective equipment suppliers in Malta, first aid training or even health and safety manuals.

Health and Safety Training Services

Health and safety has training and education at its heart and thus at OHS4SME we have a section dedicated wholly to training.

Our corporate ethos focuses on training being delivered in a professional manner by professional people. To ensure we achieve this we continually add experts to our team, enabling us to expand the range of courses that we can offer. We can offer courses in manual handling and ergonomics which is offered by physiotherapists, experienced fire-fighters who offer courses in fire fighting, or even fire risk assessment training. 

We are also always on the lookout for new service providers. If you would like to add your services into our OHS 4 SME portfolio, we’d be happy to help you promote your training courses.

Document Templates

"Why re-invent the wheel" is an expression we are fond of at OHS 4 SME.
While we understand that every organisation is unique, there are a number of core documents that can be easily adapted and used either as is, or as a foundation for health and safety policies, assessments and record keeping. We provide a variety of these documents for download, allowing clients to use or customise them as required.   

All of our documents are compiled and written in conformity with Maltese health and safety legislation, ensuring peace of mind that these contain the correct procedures.

Online Shop

Our online shop enables you to have the health and safety marketplace at your fingertips. Our site includes products, as well as publications such as books related to the health and safety industry. A new product which is proving to be popular with local organizations is the Safety management system package where we joined forces with our sub contractors and are offering an a-z setup and implementation of H&S to employers which ensure adequate systems up to standard and cheaper when compared to individual measures.

2012 is nothing less as we intend to expand our support services and possible relocation into new premises and ensure we keep supporting local organizations with what they need thanks also to the Local Council Association who recognized our commitment and supported our venture.

Contact details

Director:    Etienne Scerri
Address:    OHS4SME

Triq tal-Mentna
Mqabba MQB1820

Tel:           +356 27460327
Mob:         +356 79617337
Email:       info@ohs4sme.com.mt