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The Cliffs Interpretation Centre South West of Malta at Dingli is constructed and managed by La Pinta Ltd. During the 1960’s the older part of the building and surrounding area served as the TACAN;-A tactical air navigation system. It was the military system used by the military aircraft to find the bearing and distance to a ground or ship. The building remained in a derelict state since the departure of the British RAF. The Interpretation Centre is constructed within the committed site of the Tacan and is not taking any ‘new’ land. This is a positive beginning for such a project that will help to protect and promote the surrounding fauna and flora, whilst also respecting the land users and offer products from the surrounding areas.

La Pinta Ltd is a private company from Dingli, with various direct links to traditions and history of the Local Village and its surroundings. It has long seen the need of blending the environment, tourism and local aspects together and to offer a service for visitors visiting the cliffs. The company will eventually reconcile environmental, economic and social goals. In this regard  the Interpretation Centre will develop and implement a set of activities with the participation of stakeholders concerned, such existing surrounding land users, tourist agencies and conferences. La Pinta Ltd provides the public, particularly visitors and tourists with information about Dingli and the surrounding countryside.  Main topics include fauna, flora and agriculture relationship to the surrounding biodiversity and culture. Other services including catering facilities, a boardroom and public toilets. The proposed strategy will definitely rejuvenate the countryside product which is losing attractively and vital sustainability. The planned strategy will offer the best local resources for the users with a new approach and a better quality of life for the local residents.

The Cliffs Interpretation Centre will help in securing and maintaining the favourable conservation status of the North West SAC by ensuring that all existing and future human activities co-exist in harmony with the habitats and species of the site and at the same time compliment existing and future tourism strategy. Education is a key element of the centre’s sense of responsibility. The centre will be used as an arena for raising the awareness of its users on a wide range of crucial environmental and social issues. It will strive to increase understanding of the inter-dependency between visitors and our environment and to encourage people to be responsible and accountable for their actions.

The Interpretation Centre is  complimentary to the Dingli Local Council project Sustainable Development Strategy - Dingli 2020. The Sustainable Development Strategy DINGLI 2020 focuses on the characteristics that make Dingli special: the geology and the geography, the history, the biodiversity and the people. Indeed, one of the main projects consists of a Heritage Trail that can be used as a pilot project and build upon to encompass the entire town, with the Interpretation Centre being the hub of the trail.
The interpretation centre compliments existing policies and strategies, promotes the implementation of these polices and facilitates the implementation of the said polices and plans and at the same time help to encourage the enhancement of the Maltese tourism product.

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